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My name is Shantelle Avery.  I have been struggling with depression for the last 10 years.  Finding joy is a battle I fight nearly every day, but I know that it is possible to find joy, even in the darkest situations.  I know that my battle is not unique in its difficulty, and that everyone has a battle to fight that makes finding joy a challenge.  As a result of my desire to find joy and to spread joy, I have created a project called “That We Might Have Joy” which focuses on finding JOY through our trials. I was wondering if you would be interested in helping with this project.

If you are, there are only a few simple steps:

1. Write an explanation of a challenge you are facing or a challenge you have faced in the past.

2. Answer the question: How have you found joy through this challenge?

3. Send your story and a picture to include with your story to  If you want to keep your story anonymous, you can do that as well.  Just specify that in your email and don’t send a picture.

That’s it! Within a few days, your story will be featured on this blog, and you will have the opportunity to help others find joy through their trials.

To read more about the inspiration behind this project, click HERE.

Thank you!

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