Hope from Heartbreak

I have seen so many stories like this recently:
I know there are many more out there, and although I won't go searching for them because I can only handle so much heartbreak, I know they are there.  

I guess you could say the reason that stories like these break my heart so much is because it could have been me.  It could have been my daughter living the rest of her life without her mom, my husband raising my daughter alone, my family and friends wondering what they could have done more to help.  It could have been me all because, as Allison wrote to her family before her death, "I didn’t know how to describe this pain and seek help."

I've been there.  I've felt completely alone and exhausted and hopeless.  I've felt the loss of words to describe something so deep and painful.  I've felt the awful feeling that there was only one option left for my life, and it wasn't a good one.  By some miracle, God gave me the strength and the ability to find the resources I needed to pull me up out of the dark hole I was in and see the light of hope again.  Now that I'm at the top and can feel the happiness that was missing for so long, I desperately want to help others get to this point too.

That's why I am starting this blog.  I want others going through the same struggles to be able find the words to describe their deep pain, find the hope to hold on, find the strength to open up, and find the avenue to get help.  

My hope is that just one person will find this blog in the moment of their deepest struggles, and it will save their life.  

My hope is that there will be no more stories of heartbreak, but only stories of hope.

My hope is 

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