1 Week on Medications

Short answer:
I'm not sure if it's working yet, but these kinds of medications can take some time to notice a difference, so that's to be expected.

Long answer:
I'm taking two medications right now-- Zoloft for depression and lithium (a mood stabilizer) for the mania.  I have been on Zoloft before.  It worked great for about one year and then stopped working, but I haven't been on it for several months, so they're thinking it will work again for another year.  Last time the Zoloft took about 6 weeks to start working, so I still have some time to wait, but at least I have started the medication, and it's on its way to helping me.

I have never taken the lithium before, but they said it would take about a week to start working.  So I guess I'm expecting to see some results soon.

Both medications make me SO sleepy!  I take a 1-2 hour nap every day and sleep another 8-10 hours at night, and I'm still yawning and tired all the time.  I really hope that will get better with time!

The lithium made me super nauseated at first, but that has gotten better now!

Since starting the medications, my bipolar cycles are different.  It seems like they've doubled.  This week, I had mania on Monday and Tuesday (it's usually Tuesday through Friday), depression on Wednesday and Thursday (it's usually Saturday through Monday), and now I'm back to mania.  But I haven't had my intense peak of mania either, so that's good, and maybe that's a sign that the medication is working.  I'm hoping this change in cycles is only because of the medications trying to balance everything out.

I have an appointment next week with my family doctor to check on the lithium (it can do damage if the levels are too high in the blood) and then the week after with a psychiatrist to review the medications and decide if the doses need to be changed at all.

I'm doing well and learning so much.  I'm filled with hope and know that things are only going to get better from here.  Thanks to everyone who sends me messages of encouragement and love and who cares to know how I'm doing!  You fill me with JOY!!!

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