Ta-Da List

Several months ago, I read a blog post on a friend's blog where she talked about "Ta-Da Lists."  What is a "Ta-Da List" you may ask?  Well it's similar to a "To-Do List," except that you write it after you get things done instead of before.

Making "Ta-Da Lists" has made a huge difference to me these last couple of months.  It means that I get credit for getting out of bed, getting dressed, taking care of my daughter, and surviving on the days that that's all I can do.

But some days, I have a few hours of feeling really good, and I pack that time full of all the things I have been wanting to do for a long time and haven't been able to.  My "Ta-Da List" looks really good on those days.

And then some glorious, wonderful, blessed days, I feel good the entire day and get to enjoy the splendor of feeling normal again.  My "Ta-Da List" looks exceptional on those days!

Yesterday was one of those days-- a glorious, wonderful, blessed, "normal" day-- and this was my "Ta-Da List":
  • I made cream of wheat for breakfast (I have not made breakfast without Kyle home in a VERY long time!)
  • I did my hair (seriously, this is a big deal most days)
  • Brooklyn and I went to the pet shop just for fun (leaving the house is a big deal too)
  • We also went to the library (we used to go every week but we haven't gone regularly in a long time so it was good to spend time there again)
  • We also also went to play at a friend's house (this isn't a big deal because I love this friend but it was still something I did)
  • I listened to scriptures
  • I crocheted
  • I got all the dishes done (this is usually a daily struggle but not yesterday!) 
  • I got all the laundry washed and dried (this might just be considered a miracle)  :)
Perhaps the best part of making my "Ta-Da Lists" is texting them to my husband throughout the day.  He celebrates with me, he congratulates me, he tells me he appreciates my efforts, and he recognizes that I am trying.  He blesses my life so much!

I am learning to celebrate this life as it is-- to fully enjoy the days of light and to be patient with myself on the days of darkness.  Because getting out of bed and surviving should be considered an accomplishment if that's the greatest thing I do some days!  

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