I'm not sure that a low after a high will ever be any less devastating.  When I'm on the high, I'm always sure that I will handle the low better than I have in the past, that I'll suddenly be more faithful and patient this time around, but that has yet to happen.  Instead, I still just endure and wait and pray for it to go away, all while wondering if everyone else could handle this so much better than I do.

But as I sit here and can hardly see the screen through my wet eyes, I repeat the same thing that I repeat to myself nearly every week when this happens-- the light will come again, it's so worth it to hold on, don't give up, you are loved, you are needed, you're doing better than you think you are.

I have nothing wise or profound to say, no advice or things I've learned, only the simple faith that this will pass, somehow I'll keep growing stronger, and someday I'll see that wonderful light again.  Until then, I'm holding on and trying to work on cultivating true patience, something that will most likely take a whole eternity to master.

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