I'm learning how to cope with everything, and it feels so good.

I'm learning that Tuesday is the start of "mania,"
and Friday or Saturday is the start of "depression,"
so I can just expect that and plan around it.

I'm learning how to explain what I feel, so that others can understand.

I'm learning to be patient with myself on my bad days
and use my good days to their fullest.

I'm learning that I can listen to my scriptures on "mania" days,
instead of attempting to read them, so that I can get more out of them.

I'm learning to laugh on this journey by making "crazy" jokes with my husband.  :)
"I love you like crazy" has a whole new meaning now!

I'm learning to plan on writing every day during my daughter's nap time,
so that I am busy and so that I have time set aside to work through things.

I'm learning how to find joy, even on the hardest days.

I'm learning that everyone has trials and struggles,
and that we're here to help each other, regardless of what those struggles are.

I'm learning that there is so much mental illness in this world,
more than you would ever imagine.
I feel blessed that God is giving me the opportunity
to shed some light on all the silent suffering.

I'm learning that life is filled with challenges and blessings, but mostly blessings.

I'm learning to be submissive and humble,
so that God can mold me into something greater than I ever imagined.

I'm simply learning.

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