Tender Mercies

Right now, I am so blessed to see the good in the world as people reach out, serve, and bless me and my family.  I want to keep making lists like this, so I will never forget the feeling of gratitude and love I feel right now.  So here are my last few days of tender mercies:

  • Someone called last night to tell me that they put me on every single temple prayer roll in the United States!  I'm so grateful for the time spent doing that so that I can be lifted by the power of prayer.
  • My sweet visiting teacher came over yesterday for 45 minutes to make phone calls to doctors after I had a very disappointing experience on Monday trying to do this (it was the fourth time I had tried and it left me in tears for hours every time).  She was able to get me an appointment for next Monday!!!
  • Another friend invited Brooklyn and me over to her house on Monday and Tuesday and made lunch for Brooklyn to relieve my stress.  I have the greatest friends in the world!
  • On Monday when I tried to make phone calls and had an awful experience with it again, I was able to go to a friend's house to hang out, so that I wouldn't spend the rest of the day crying until Kyle got home.  She also invited us to stay for dinner, which was a tremendous blessing because making dinner is so overwhelming right now!
  • A very sweet friend said I was on her mind and brought over a CD of her favorite Christmas songs and a treat.  She knew the joy that Christmas music brought into her life, so she wanted to bring that into my life.
  • Kyle cleaned yesterday, so that I could come home to a clean house.  It was such a tender mercy, because it let me start over on trying to keep up.  For someone who doesn't actually understand everything I am feeling, he sure does know how to bless my life.
  • I had two separate incidences with a flat tire yesterday, and three people I know and one stranger stepped in to help!  It was amazing how all of it worked out so that we were safe, and everything still got done that needed to be done.  The flat tire was actually a huge blessing, because it helped me come back to reality.  I still feel like I can think clearly, and I have hardly any anxiety!  Who knew a flat tire could do so much good?!
  • I have been able to come into contact with someone who understands what I feel, because she feels the same, and we have been able to be strong together.  We never would have met except by a miracle from God.
  • So many people have been texting me and sending me kind messages on Facebook.  Every day I am strengthened and blessed by everyone who shows love and support!

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  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing. You are an amazing woman! I love you my friend. :)